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EnerFreeze for HVAC: Energy savings solutions HVAC, Chillers, and refrigeration

EnerFreeze for Hydraulics: Reduces heat and optimizes performance while saving fuel and increases life expectancy

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The EnerFreeze molecules will attach to all metal surfaces in the system (coils, pistons, bearings, etc ...) and form a one molecule thick layer that improves thermal transfer and restores the system to like-new working order. This layer increases the efficiency of the compressor as it pumps refrigerant throughout the system. This enhancement is described as "laminar flow dynamics" and is much like an angioplasty for your coils. Just as cholesterol build up makes your heart work harder so does oil fouling make your compressor pump longer; reducing the efficiency of heat exchange and refrigerant/oil flow.

Through metallurgical thermodynamics and metal surface chemistry EnerFreeze is designed to improve the efficiency of heat exchange thereby reducing cost and producing savings. The reduction in the frictional static load and the operational run time load of the compressor also reduces the overall service time required of the compressor which further enhances savings. In addition, there is less wear and tear which extends the life of the equipment and lowers maintenance costs.

Delivers enhanced refrigerant pool boiling properties temperatures which causes the thermostat to reach set temperature targets quicker and shut off the AC system, therefore reducing energy consumption and reduced wear on the compressor. This effect will also remove more humidity in shorter run cycles; providing dryer, more comfortably conditioned air.

A specially engineered molecular structure displaces the oil fouling and replaces it with a molecule that bonds to the metal surfaces.
The new bonded molecules will not allow the oil to re-attach, increasing heat transfer for the life of the system. Once removed from the inside of the coils, this oil then circulates freely through the system where it is needed. This accelerates refrigerant laminar flow dynamics by removing oil fouling from walls. Allows refrigerant to function at lower temperatures; Cooler air faster with less humidity

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How does EnerFreeze™ work?

There are two major compounds in a cooling system: the refrigerant and the lubricating oil. In theory, the oil should remain in the compressor but, in practice, the oil and refrigerant form a solution that is carried throughout the system. As the solution comes into contact with the metallic surfaces of the cooling coils the oil separates from the solution and builds up on the surface of the inner walls. This build up of oil on the inner walls of the cooling coils acts as a layer of insulation and, consequently, heat transfer efficiency is lost. Metals, as well as EnerFreeze, have a polar charge, either positive or negative, much like the ends of a magnet. Since metals have a positive charge EnerFreeze's strong negatively charged molecules will attach to the positively charged metal and displace the oil build up on the metal surface.